A Letter From The Organization

Dear Parents/Players,

Welcome to Blitz Basketball
The Blitz Basketball Club has been founded by a group of accomplished community coaches with a wealth of knowledge and experience. This Club was created based on a new vision we had to provide parents and their children with an athletic environment conducive to both introductory level and elite level players. The Club with the approval of the Ontario Basketball Association (OBA) is intending to branch away from Ancaster Magic.
Blitz Basketball and its members will provide parents with financial transparency, coaching education and opportunities, and as intense a basketball experience as you wish for your child. From house league to elite athletes, our decades of knowledge gained coaching athletes in this community enables us to provide the appropriate and quality instruction needed to properly develop athletes of  all ages and skill levels. Our founders have coached House League, Novice Rep up to CIS and NCAA athletes. Blitz Basketball programs will appropriately embed the LTAD (Long Term Athletic Development) and the CS4L (Canada Sport for Life) Models for all age groups.
As a part of our agreement with Ontario Basketball, in our inaugural year (2015), all of our players and athletes will be able to compete in the OBA Provincial Competitions and newly formed Ontario Basketball League.  Other than organizational leadership and practices, all that will change for players will be the uniforms.
We feel it is important for you to understand that as coaches and founders, we have a vested interest in this community. We work, live, teach and coach here. We intend on providing a positive basketball experience for the youth of our community, developing their skills as athletes and shaping them into future community leaders.
Whether you and your child are just beginning to play the game or are serious about playing basketball in high school and beyond, Blitz Basketball is for you!
We will be hosting an information session for parents & coaches on July 27 at 6:30pm at the Ancaster Rotary Centre. If you are able to RSVP us at the email below that would be great although not required.  We hope you can attend.
If you would like to inquire about tryouts, a team for your child, have an interest in coaching a team or have questions about the club, but can not make it to this meeting; feel free to contact us at any time at: blitzbasketballinfo@gmail.com
Mike Di Federico 905-929-7001
More info online at www.blitzbasketball.net
We hope you seriously consider joining the Blitz Basketball Club.


Mike Di Federico    
Stefano Giovannangeli  
Chris D’Angela                                                                            
Jason Urban   
Tony Sibbald